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*****Parking-spot Predicament*****
March 12, 2010--5:30pm

So let's talk about one of my moments tonight *sigh*.  

My daughter wanted to go to her friend Abigail's house for a birthday party, sounds pretty normal right. It was raining which did not add to my driving pleasure, but we made it there.  It took about 20 mins or so to get there and the drive was pretty, despite the rain.   

We missed a couple of turns and had to turn around a couple times  - this happens when you are driving on dirt roads with teenagers giving you directions between the "no, you're kidding!" as they are talking on the phone and telling you go "that way" then say oh wait that was left I meant right.  "Mom, you aren't paying attention!" Then without stopping for a breath or telling me she is now going to address whomever is on the phone with her says "yeah ok go on." and "NO Mom you need to stop"  AHHHHHH!

So yeah we finally see all her friends standing out in what is now a steady drizzle and the sun starting it's noticeable descent in to dusk.  I see the driveway and start into a sharp almost 90 degree turn into the driveway.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS FUN!!!  Slowly I turn and as I turn the wheel to the right to clear the edge of the drive way - suddenly my car drops!

The frame of the car under the drivers door was now resting on the pavement and my front driver tire was no longer being supported by anything and the rear passenger tire was a couple feet off the ground.  

I immediately hit my brakes because at this point there was an elderly lady who was getting groceries out of her car about 3 feet in front of me.  I pulled up my emergency brake and asked my daughter to get out of the car and to call 1) her dad and 2) ask the lady who's car is in front of me to move her car please.

Once Rebecca was out of the car, and the brake set, I was going to try to turn off the car and get out, but to my surprise when I tried to take my foot off the brake the car went forward.

OK as if it wasn't exciting enough it gets better - trust me! - The elderly lady finished getting her groceries out of the car and then came back for her dog. A cute little whitish collie of some sort. After retrieving the dog she didn't come back. As she was walking a way I sounded like a southern female version of Jerry Lewis as I called out, "Lady! Hey Lady" in a very worried tone.  I couldn't take my foot of the brake - or I would smack into her little blue ford focus. At this point I was getting a little nervous.

The landlord/owner of the property showed up - nice older man with a salty Boston accent - and asked the lady to move her car. We had at this point tried to move my car.  We packed the trunk of my car full of people to get the rear tire on the ground and see if I could back up but since my car is a front wheel drive it didn't help - I only managed to sling mud on her car. I figure better to have mud on her car, than me plowing into the side of her car - right?

In the meantime, my frantic calls out to the elder lady did not get her to move her car.  The other tenants of the property could not convince her to move it either and a shouting match between all the tenants began.  This of course earned a call to the Sheriff's department. :-/ go figure she looks to this less than ideal parking situation and doesn't think it might be important to move her car.

While waiting in my car with my foot on the brake, and windows rolled down, in a drizzle of rain that became less drizzle and more mist before it finally stopped, my daughter, lovely thing that she is - says "hey mommy - don't panic! You know you are doing good right! Hey your car is on, why don't you crank up some tunes?" To which my reply was, "um no.  I don't think this is the right time to be "cranking" up tunes." The she says, "Oh, Snap son! if I was stuck with my foot on the brake for this long waiting, I'd be cranking up some tunes and jammin.  Music makes any situation better - well if you have the right kind for the right situation.  Metal, that's what you need now - just sayin"  I roll my eyes and smile and tell "um ok, but nope I can't crank up the music I need to be able to follow the directions this gentleman (pointing to the landlord/owner who I can see is busy working through an idea to get me unstuck)

By now my foot has been on the brake for about 30mins and I am wondering where my hubby and my dad are?  My head has been in my hands for the most part as I sat there thinking of all the things I needed to get back home and do.  However, more importantly I was worried I had embarrassed my daughter in front of all her friends and their families.

About this time I see my husband and my dad make a left turn and go in the opposite direction of where I was sitting on the side of a hill perched on the top of a driveway. :-( I asked Becca to call her dad and or grandpa and them to turn around they went the wrong way.  One of the men who live in this multiple family dwelling said, "oh they will be back in just a few that road dead ends about a mile up there" Later when I asked my husband, "did they not give you directions?"  He said, " I told them I had a GPS" To which my facial expression changed and I said, "rut roh" and my hubby said, "yeah guess where it was at?"  My reply, "In my car ".  He them said, "yep so we just drove around until we found you, we had no idea where you were back up there but there wasn't a whole lot of roads to choose from so we found you." :-(  I guess the people didn't have caller ID, and my hubby said their phone was breaking up which made sense since they were a couple hundred feet away from the base unit of a cordless phone, standing outside to talk to him and like most train wrecks and stuff it's the "oh, that's awful" but you don't want to miss anything type of situation. 

The landlord, you know the one who said yeah about 4 other people have had this happen (maybe I left that out) - including himself - says I really need to get that fixed! Well the landlord puts a block of wood from a tree he had recently cut under my tire and tells all the kids who are now sitting on the trunk of my car "don't move".  He then gets a jack out of another car and tells me "don't take your foot off that brake" as he then crawls UNDER, yes under my car.  Yeah the car that is only balanced because a group of teenagers and a couple adults are sitting on the back.

So by now I am saying my husband and dad will be here in a few minutes (not that I thought they would have another idea besides this and log chains to pull me out of this mess, but because I was worried that this man who was the landlord/owner/and grandfather to one of the girls at the party was going to get hurt trying to help me.  My anxiety and worry was steadily increasing with each passing moment.

By now at least at least an hour had passed! I was very relieved to see my husband and dad show up.
So my husband and dad get out and come over, with these smiles and looks, with a few chuckles and ask, "You alright?"  "Honey how did this happen?"  "Hang on we'll pull you out"  My husband starts hooking up the log chains, and my dad grabs a 2 by 8 turns it on it's side and using an other piece of chopped wood makes a lever and fulcrum to lift the car a few more inches higher than what the owner of the property could with the jack and they stack some more slate pieces, wood, etc under the tired in as solid of a state as they could get.  In the meantime my husband has pulled the chain tight and my dad says, "ok put it in reverse and when I tell you too give it "a little gas".  Then all the men who were there minus my husband because he was in the 4 wheel drive pulling me, get in front of my car, by now all the kids who were on the back of my car have gotten off (thank goodness), and with a combine effort of the make shift solid ground that was built under my front driver side wheel, the men pushing upward on my car, my husband pulling my car, and me giving the car "a little gas" my car popped right out of this less than perfect parking predicament.

All I wanted to do was find a "little girls room" and then get home.  I was a bit embarrassed, still anxious, shook up, cold, and well grateful as well.  Things could have been worse.  I move my car out of the middle of the road, and park it.  Run into the people's house whom I was there to drop Becca off at in the 1st place to 1) express my gratitude, 2) find their bathroom, 3) walk off some nervous energy and 4) just to get out of the car.  I asked my daughter was she ok, and did she still want to stay and she said, "oh heck yeah! my stuff don't leave it's still in the car."  With the car parked out of they way and everyone safe and sound, all the girls agreed that this was just the excitement Abigail's b-day party needed.  Abigail said, "don't worry about my party, like Becca said, we have stuff to talk about for days now!"  Glad I could help with the entertainment factor, but next time I think a gift certificate to a movie is what I'll send for a gift, and not be the entertainment excitement for the evening. :-/   It's all about juggling right?


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