2010 Events

*work in progress*  These are the events I am planning on attending if all goes well :-) Nothing is locked in stone yet!  Want to see other FOSS events other than the ones I am going to check out FOSSEVENTS.org.



SCaLE 8x - Southern California Linux Expo February 19-21, 2010 - I had a blast!  Gave a few talks while I was there.  WIOS - A year NTEU Ubuntu, UbuCon - Every NTEU IS someones Guru: How to encourage the NTEU in your organization, UpSCALE - Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers.  I also gave 2 unplanned/unrehearsed lightning talks - WIOS - When kids of geeks rebel and UbuCon - Ubuntu User Magazine.


WNCLUG - Western North Carolina Linux Users Group - March 6, 2010 -  Every NTEU IS someones Guru: How to encourage the NTEU in your organization.  The group is just getting started again. I gave this talk as an informal facilitaion of the subject of encouraging ALL who want to be involved.  That no contribution is too small.  The we discussed what was the "next step" for the group to get more people involved.

Ubuntu Global Jam


TLF - Texas Linux Fest - April 10, 2010  - A Year NTEU* (pronounced In-to) Ubuntu and the Open Source Community - Amber Graner

GCLUG - Guilford County Linux Users Group - April 13th, 2010 - Scheduled to give -

An NTEU*'s Year of Finding FOSS Using Ubuntu. *Non-Technical End User

Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx Release Party


Ubuntu Open Week - Lucid

UDS-M - I applied for Sponsorhip but won't know about this for a while yet.


SELF - Southeast Linux Fest - June 11-13, 2010




OLF - Ohio Linux Fest

ALF - Atlanta Linux Fest


Ubuntu 10.10 -M Release Party


Ubuntu Open Week - M