Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ubuntu Global Jam in Western NC, October 3rd, 2009

So this Saturday (October 3rd, 2009) if you are in and around the Lake Lure (Western NC) Area please stop by. The historic 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa has graciously donated a beautiful meeting room for Ubuntu Global Jam.

Also, the mountains are absolutely beautiful, the weather is a perfect, and the leaves are just starting to turn colors and welcoming those around to see their beauty. You can hit Chimney Rock Park, Biltmore Estates, and the Blue Ridge parkway and of course participate in UBUNTU GLOBAL JAM. :-). So think about joining the fun and I hope to see you all there!

What: Ubuntu Global Jam

Where: The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa

Day: Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time: 10am -5pm (but you can get there earlier if you want. There will be a few of us there by 8am)

Should be some food and drinks. Bug Jamming, Doc Jamming, LoCo Leadership sessions rocking the venue. Demo's of ubuntu will be available and more. So pop in and be part of the fun. If you are needing to stay the weekend. Hotel has offered a discounted rate of 89/99 USD. (based on availability). (UPDATE ON ROOMS: Limited availability, block is being held until Friday noon. If you need to stay at the hotel for the weekend please make your reservation before Friday noon EST. You can all 828.625.2525, make sure to tell them you are coming to the Ubuntu Global Jam) If you have questions about the hotel please email me at akgraner at

Please pop in the IRC channel #ubuntu-us-nc on freednode, email me or the mailing list, or comment here if you think you are going to head that way. (Just trying to get a count for food and drinks) Thanks again everyone and can't wait to see you there..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohio Linux Fest

So I just got back from Ohio Linux Fest yesterday afternoon. The fest was really great.

The organizers really did an amazing job. There was a large vendor/exhibit area. 3 huge session rooms. there was a hacker area on Friday along with tutorials. There was a BoF area and so much more. I liked the registration area. As I am always keeping my eye open for streamlining the processes of events. :-) If you missed Ohio Linux Fest this year. Put it on there for next year!

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the Southeast Linux Fest Folks, Ontario Linux Fest folks as well as the Linux Fest North West folks as well. I meet the some of the Ohio and Michigan LoCo Folks and walked around talking to people and adding "Perky Penguins" to their badges. Between me and the Ubuntu Booth there was over 500 "Perky Penguin" stickers handed out. It was an ice breaker kinda thing for me. People asked what is this for? I said well we are at a Linux Fest, who doesn't like penguins. I told them it was my way of saying hello and breaking the ice to get the conversation started. It was good for some smiles, laughs, and some awesome conversation about all things great and wonderful about FOSS.

Sat in on a podcast with Jorge Castro of Canonical, Paul Cutler from GNOME. That was fun. It was a first for me. :-)

Jorge had a really great talk on "Building a Community Around Your Project" where he used the Gwibber project as the example. Ok so I learned a lot about how communities evolve around a project. What I got out of it was you have to be dedicated to the project. Research your the idea for your project thoroughly. Find people who are just as passionate about it help with it. Don't be afraid to Fail. You won't get it 100% right all the time and that's ok. Projects are a work in progress. Plan for the future of the project. Jorge ended is talk with a smile, little laughter and the words, "GO FORTH and FAIL!"

I also had a chance to see what Pete's talk had evolved into since Southeast Linux Fest. It was great for me. I got to see Ubuntu in relation to Canonical. I thought it was awesome that the Kernel team is looking for non-technical as well as technical community members to help with kernel testing and stuff. You'd have to pop in the #ubuntu-kernel Channel on freenode to find out more or send and email to the Kernel team mailing list at The talk was well attended and afterwards in the hall area Pete answered questions from people who were eager to get involved.

As soon as my blog and I can get along I will be posting pictures from Ohio. :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

LinuxCon - Linux Pro Mag Streaming

Just a reminder - Linux Pro Magazine will be live streaming the Keynotes from LinuxCon Free.


Atlanta Linux Fest and Mini Ubucon, \O/!!

The Atlanta Linux Fest and Atlanta (mini) UbuCon was held on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 in the IBM center in Atlanta and I had a blast!

I can't thank everyone who helped enough! Nick Ali (boredandblogging), Josh Chase (linuxcrypt),
David Tomaschik (Matir') , Jim Popovitch (jimpop) , The Canonical Kernel Team, The Florida LoCo team, The North Carolina Loco team (internalkernal) not to forgot the Georgia LoCo team (Nick, Josh, Jim and David all belong to the GA LoCo) who all jumped in and did more than anyone could have asked. The words thank you don't seem to be enough.

I meet Jim, Josh and Nick at SELF (Southeast Linux Fest), talked to them a little about their event in Atlanta and said, "Hey, I want to do something, how can I help." Friendships were built and an invite to join the team came a little later. I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to work with these guys and be part of the awesomeness of Atlanta Linux Fest/Atlanta UbuCon 2009. I can't wait to see what happens next year!

The highlight of the whole event for me was Mark Shuttleworth's announcement about Ubuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx as it will now be codenamed. I love the whole animal write up and the thought that goes into it. Yes I know everyone is talking about it being the next LTS and the technical merits of the release. I appreciate all that don't get me wrong,but the thing that made me think was "Clear minded... [yet] thoughtful predator" I like it! Sleek, efficient, powerful, and much more come to mind when I hear that. All very exciting terms. I can't wait use "Lucid" and see what new and exciting things it will bring to my desktop! (still waiting to see if there is a Koala on my desktop wallpaper come October 29th - shameless hint here. :-) )

People understood what the BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions were, but UbuCon seemed liked a different animal. (haha pun intended). And I guess it was. So I am thinking we need more of these mini-UbuCon's at other events around the Globe. However, each of the sessions were well attended. We didn't schedule too many things to compete with the main sessions, but we wanted to offer some Ubuntu Community Tracks since so many of the LoCo teams were going to be represented. We offered "What is effective Leadership?", "Intro to Bug Triaging", and a modified version of Jono Bacon's talk on "Burnout", Not to mention we kicked off the Morning with the Video welcome and announcement from Mark Shuttleworth. I don't have slides for those session as we went Old School and used Flip Charts. Jono's Slides are available here and were used to prepare the Flip Chart Presentation on Burnout.

The thing that I appreciated about the announcement was that it was launched at a Community Event. Creating whispers,wonders, excitement, buzz, and the "Dang I should have gone there 1st". Since this was a 1st, we learned some lessons and what to do next time (if we get the opportunity). :-) I want people to hear the term UbuCon and know that an opportunity to participate and be part of something awesome is around the corner. Surprises and knowledge await. So next time you hear UbuCon, wonder what cool things are going to happen now. :-)

The line up of speakers was amazing. I have to thank Kirrily Roberts who not only gave a Keynote at OSCON this year but agreed to Keynote at Atlanta as well. I was kicking myself for not asking her while we were at Community Leadership Summit and OSCON (where I 1st got a chance to meet her). I assumed (there I go again) that she was already busy that day. (sigh). Glad I asked her anyway. :-) There was so much positive feedback from her talk on "Standing out in the Crowd" Thank you Kirrily! You Rock!

I would like to be able to list every speaker and send a personal message but my Blog would go on forever. :-) The list of speakers and their talks can be found here. I will do my best to get some personal notes out this week expressing my (as well as the other organizers) gratitude to the speakers, the sponsors, and the volunteers. However, without the 600+ Open Source Community members the event would not have been a success. Just another of the many reasons why the F/LOSS communities are so awesome.

The Canonical Kernel team, tested over 100 machines during the "Will Karmic Work on My Computer?" testing session that lasted during the whole event Thanks Manjo (
Manoj Iyer) you were rocking the Karmic testing all day with a smile on your face, once again showing me that testing can be a fun thing and that all you folks who work for Canonical are terrific and helpful! (that goes for Steve, John, and Pete as well) Thanks for all your hard work and help with this project. Speaking of Canonical, special thanks to John Pugh, for bringing the extra projector, adding to the giveaways, and just supporting the events of the day with both your talk and your participation in the UbuCon.

Also, to the SELF (Southeast Linux Fest) Board members. Thank you all for your encouragement, well wishes and participation in ALF. I was so thrilled you all were able to make it and I enjoyed talking to you all so much. Can't wait to see you all in Spartanburg in June!

It was great to see all the Fedora and openSUSE folks again. You all are great. Thanks to Tom Calloway for not only giving an awesome talk, Cultivating Contributions, but also bringing in the drinks to the vendor area for folks. Chuck Payne, thanks for your session, What Community has of offer, a Guide to the openSUSE Community, as well and for all the cool SWAG to giveway as well. Heard nothing but great stuff about you guys. Both talks were well attended and much positive feedback was heard. Hope to see you both next year. :-)

I also have to pause to say thanks to Rikki Kite and all the folks at Linux Pro Magazine. Without all her help and encouragement I might have pulled my hair out. :-) Not to mention all the great media sponsorship advertisement they did for us. If you haven't gotten a chance take a look at Rikki's Blog, and the Linux Pro Mag website. Also take a look at their newest Magazine, Ubuntu User, on stands now (I love it great reference material and there is something for every skill set In there). Rikki Kite also gave an incredible talk, "Her PR Problem/Tooting the Horns of Women in Open Source".

There were so many lessons learned but I will save that for another day.

I just wanted you to know what an awesome time I had at the event. What a wonderful opportunity I was given to be able to help plan the event (Josh, Jim, Nick, David thanks for the invite) - (Can't wait til we start on 2010), and most of all - how great it was to sit and talk and learn from each and every person I came in contact with this weekend. The comments and conversations in the leadership and burnout talks were wonderful. Thanks to all of you who shared your stories, solutions, asked questions, and listened and participated. I learned so much from all of you who shared your stories with me after the talks. Please give me some more feed back when you get your surveys, you can respond here, or drop me and email as well. Everything just amazing!!

If you weren't there we missed you! If you were we are so glad you came. Once we post the when and where for 2010 please make plans to join us.

THANKS EVERYONE!!! Community Rocks!!!

ps thank you so much to the person who taught my son to triple boot his computer. :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ubuntu Global Jam, Atlanta Linux Fest and NC LoCo Team Meet-n-Greet

Yesterday was the Ubuntu NC LoCo team meet-n-greet in Asheville, NC at the FireStorm Cafe and Books. What an AWESOME turnout! Once there all the people stayed until 2pm the scheduled time for the meeting to end.

The event started at 11am. When I got there Holstein was already there and deep in conversation (Thanks Again Holstein for running with planning the meet and greet). He was there with one of the owners of the coffee shop and a young man who introduced himself as "I'm a Debian guy here to spy." :-)

Also, there was JFo, and both of my kids (complete with their "not now honey, mommy is ubuntu'ing comedy routine :-/ sigh). Then a few minutes later a fellow orders a coffee and comes over to the table and the conversations really gets going as we begin to talk about what interests each person has and what areas of the Ubuntu project and Open Source as a whole interest them.

Then a couple other owners of the coffee shop join in. The a couple from Atlanta joined in on the fun. Pretty soon and other couple showed up and joined in on the fun. The women were the F/OSS and Ubuntu Users and the ones that maintained the computers and the technical aspects of their homes. (:-) I thought that was awesome.) Great perspective and conversation. Then I looked up and the coffee shop was packed and there was only standing room in our area. SWEET!

So we decided that the WNCLUG needed to start meeting again as well as adopting some projects for the NC Ubuntu team to do. Holstein volunteered to set a day and time to come by he coffee shop and offer help and support to people who wanted to.

There is also a great Ubuntu success story in the making here. The Coffee shop's computers for public use all run Ubuntu and the Point of Sale system is Ubuntu as well. The Coffee shop is worker owned. They serve a variety of coffee's, tea's, some great Cream Soda as well as cookies, brownies, scones, sandwiches and more. It's a very eclectic group of really great folks there in Asheville. The book selection are things the staff likes and picks out. There are self published books (a lot of them). There are great postcards and posters that decorate the area. It's just a really cool place. With some really nice people and Ubuntu enthusiasts helping spread the Ubuntu Spirit one cup of coffee at a time. :-)

They invited the LoCo team to create a kiosk with various pressed cd's, some fliers, Ubuntu Books, and banners, etc. That should fun setting that up. We get to be creative. :-)

We are definitely going to have some more meetings there. As well as some tutorial sessions on various applications and on Ubuntu as a whole. (I can't wait). Once the LUG stuff is schedules some talks on F/OSS as a whole will begin to kick off. I'll have to make sure I post the schedule of events so if anyone is heading to the Asheville, NC area then you can join in on the conversation and camaraderie.

We also discussed the Atlanta Linux Fest and looks like we picked up some more attendees out of the meeting. The two folks from Atlanta could have gone to Dragon*Con but, wow, they came to the meet and greet. How cool is that!?

Also discussed was Ubuntu Global Jam and that we had space at the 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa on October 3rd, 2009. We have a venue and date now we just have to build the content. Several people said, "hey I'll be there just tell me what you want me to do".

We also discussed how EVERYONE can participate in the Ubuntu project and F/OSS as a whole. There were so many great ideas and discussions. I am sure I have left someone off the list above, but thanks you all who attended. For those who wanted to be there and we unable we missed you and hopefully you can attended the next meeting and the events listed above.

Thanks again everyone, and hope to see you in Atlanta and Lake Lure.. :-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NC LoCo Team Meet-n-Greet in Asheville

The NC LoCo team will have a Meet-n-Greet in Asheville, NC and you are invited!!. If you are in and around the Asheville area and have an interest in Ubuntu then please join us. We will be hanging out, drinking some great coffees and talking Ubuntu and going over how to make and edit wiki pages. :-)

This will be the 4 th meet in greet for the team in preparation for Ubuntu Global Jam weekend. Other locations were Charlotte and Winston-Salem. (Thanks jrorie and _marx_ for organizing those!)

What: NC LoCo Team Meet-n-Greet

Where: Fire Storm Cafe, Asheville, NC

Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm

Hope to see you all there. Can't wait to meet some more Ubuntu Users and enthusiasts! Thanks holstein for organizing this meet-n-greet, you rock!