Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Atlanta Linux Fest and Mini Ubucon

The Atlanta Linux Fest will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2009 in Atlanta GA.

There in no charge for the event. However, if you are wanting lunch there is a $5.00 per person charge.

Organizations can request a table/booth to help spread the word about their respective projects. Booths are $100 for commercial projects, free for registered 501(c)3 groups.

If you are wondering about the topics and the speakers please click here to see the exciting line up.

For more information on the Atlanta Linux Fest click here. Also, if you have not registered please click here and do so. Thanks! :-)

Hotel Information

The Marriott Atlanta Northwest is holding a block or rooms for the Atlanta Linux Fest.
*$69.00 single/double $79.00 triple and $89.00 quad
*rate does not include taxes
(translation single/double/triple/quad refers to number beds in hotel speak)

There is a limited number of rooms at this rate and this rate will only be held until the 18th of August so please make your reservations soon. After the 18th they will release the rooms and the rate goes back up to the seasonal rate.

The hotel will also provide a shuttle from the hotel to the IBM Facility and back. The times for the shuttle will be given to you upon check-in.

If you click on the Marriott Icon this should take you to the reservations page for the Atlanta Linux Fest. For Reservations click here.

Or if you prefer you can always call 1-800-228-9290 or 1-770-952-7900 and let them know you are with you are staying there for the Atlanta Linux Fest. Just let them know the following:
* Group Name: Atlanta Linux Fest
* Group Code: alfalfa
(if you use the link above the group information should automatically show up)

* Please make your reservations under the Atlanta Linux Fest group block as this will help us plan for future events and will keep the rate low for next year as rates are determined by how many room nights we can bring into the hotel.

I hope that makes sense to everyone. This information should be available on the Atlanta Linux Fest Site soon.

Mini Ubuntu Conference

Also, another added feature to the Atlanta Linux fest is that there will be a mini- Ubucon (ubuntu conference) talking place during the fest. So Ubuntu LoCo teams, ubuntu users and enthusiasts this is for you. We are planning on having some great sessions surrounding all things ubuntu. If you would like to see specific topics for the Ubucon please add to the BoF sessions or shoot me an email: akgraner [at] ubuntu [dot] com

Go Ubuntu LoCo Teams!!!

If you want to stay update on the event please follow or

Wow, that is a lot of information.. Enjoy and I hope to see you all there...:-)

Adding my Blog to the Planet

I just wanted to post a quick snippet and make sure the last hour and a half wasn't in vain.

Thank you Brad Crittendon (bac) for all your help. I would not have been able to do this with out you.

I ran into a few snags and Brad walked me through those as well. Thanks Brad and let's see if I got this right after all...:-)

So I got my IRC cloak, my ubuntu email address and now if this works and my blog on here.

This is all so *cool*!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More stuff from OSCON 2009

Speaking of people I had a chance to meet... I got to meet Rick Clark, Canonical's, Server Manager. Rick and one of the people that he works with, Soren Hansen gave a session on "Building a Private Cloud". If you follow the link you will find more about Rick & Soren.

What I noticed most about Rick and Soren was the fact that they took the time to answer my questions and explain cloud computing with patience. Not once did Rick make me feel like I was stupid for asking, "Why would cloud computing matter to me?" He smiled then explained what he could in the few minutes he had before his talk. I was working a booth in the Expo area of OSCON, so I did not have the opportunity to hear the talk he and Soren gave. Then he saw me again he told me a little more about it. His explanation of things did not impress me as much as the fact that he took the time and informed me in a way I could understand. He never patronized me or made me feel like he didn't want to be there.

With very complex subjects like cloud computing talking to knowledgeable developers is sometimes very intimidating to mortals, ok non-technical people, like me. Rick was able to wipe away that fear and talk to me like a human being. He really put the human element into the Ubuntu Operating System, like the t-shirt said "Linux for Human Beings" but this was more like "Linux designed by human beings". Knowing that the Canonical Developers are people who don't mind talking to novice users, really makes the "Ubuntu Spirit" shine.

Not only did Rick make me feel less intimated, so did Jono Bacon, Canonical's Community Manager. I met Jono for first time at the Community Leadership Summit. I felt like I already knew him but it was nice to meet the person behind The Art of Community and to say thanks for the opportunity to review the book and lend a helping and at the Community Leadership Summit.

Other folks I meet from Canonical were Stuart Langridge, John Pugh and Nick Barcet. All of whom just reinforced that the Canonical employees were not in a bubble, they took the time to say "hi" and just hang out with the LoCo teams. They really make everyone feel like we are all on the same team regardless of contributions, and that everyone belongs!

Thanks everyone! Ya'll rock! Keep up the good work. :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Community Leadership Summit

Community Leadership Summit was July 18-19, 2009.

I loved it. I have met some great people and exchanged wonderful ideas, and started some thought provoking dialogues to say the least.

The folks from the California Ubuntu LoCo were here, Chris (itnet7) from the Florida LoCo team is here too. It was great seeing the Ubuntu T-shirts on Saturday. I felt an immediate familiarity with those folks even though I didn't know them before Saturday. It was nice to just have that feeling of belonging before ever saying hello to someone.

I finally got the chance to talk in person to Emma Jane Hogbin and not just in an IRC Channel. Wealth of information and some great insight on events and community. Emma took the time to share with me so much of her knowledge about her events. (HICK Tech) WOW! (plus it was great just to laugh!) I can't wait to continue our conversation this week at OSCON. Thanks Emma! :-)

Rikki Kite, with Linux Pro Mag was at the event as well. I felt like I already knew Rikki, but I finally was given to opportunity to meet her and hang out. I'll be working the Linux Pro Mag booth at OSCON and I can't wait!!! Rikki brought a wealth of cumulative knowledge to the group with her insights on encouraging and bringing more women into the F/LOSS community at all levels.

The sessions were as diverse as the people and some of them really challenged me to rethink a few items. (more about that in another post). :-)

I have so much more to write about the Summit and all the great people I've meet. I am sure I will write a few more posts on the subject before the day is out.

Information overload - :-)!!!

More as the day goes on...

Ubuntu Membership

So I am sitting here in the Denver Airport with some free time between flights on my way to the Community Leadership Summit to be held this weekend prior to OSCON next week in San Jose, California. I thought it was time for another post since it seems to have been so long since the last one.

The community that surrounds the Ubuntu Project is Awesome! :-)

Since February '09 I've been running Ubuntu on my Dell and loving it. I am still using my Dell, but in a matter of about 3 days I burned in two batteries some how, but that is another story. So for this trip I had to bring the mac air which dual boots both OSX and Karmic, but I am digressing.

During the time since I started this Journey I have been using Ubuntu I have been trying to contribute and help out when and where I could.

I have been watching folks become Ubuntu members and I thought it was the coolest thing. I love congratulating folks on their achievements and I learn so much from them. So I finally decided that I would create my own wiki and seek membership. I figured if there was something I was missing or something else I needed to do then the membership board and those I asked for advice would tell me what I needed and I would go through the election process and get a feel for what it is like. At the very least I would learn something new and best I would get membership, in my opinion either way it would be a win.

So I read the membership wiki, created my own wiki, asked a few people to review it for content and format, then asked people for testimonials. Once my page was complete I added myself to the agenda for the membership board meeting.

During the meeting the membership board members asked some questions about my activities, and what my thoughts were on future involvement, and how I was going to do a few things and what areas other than community was I interested in. (it felt like I was going before a promotion board in the Army. :-) )

I must say the process felt a bit foreign and strange to me. It felt weird summing up my involvement and the asking people to write a little about me. It felt like I was on a campaign trail - knowing that I was going to be voted upon. No the less it was really exciting at the same time. It was fun so I just went with it. :-)

I am happy, humbled, and thrilled and just tickled that I am now an Ubuntu Member. :-) Woo Hoo!!!

I was overwhelmed by the number of people who congratulated me, wished me luck, spoke on my behalf at the meeting, and those whose kind words and encouragement just reinforced what a great community the Ubuntu Community really is. Like I said before when you use Ubuntu you get more than on Operating System you get a community that is priceless. Thank You all again so very much!!!

I hope my contributions continue to grow and that I continue to learn something from all those I encounter whether in the Ubuntu Community, the greater F/LOSS Community or just life in general. If I am careful I can learn something new everyday!

Now I just have to figure out how to add my Blog to Planet Ubuntu. :-) I can't wait!!

Hope you are still enjoying.. hey if you haven't sought membership and you want to..what are you waiting for. All the links are in the post to get you started. Good Luck and you can do it too...:-)

ps. Congrats to Sconklin, Pak33m, Q-Funk and ... who also became Ubuntu Members during the meeting on the 15th as well..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day - July 4th, 2009

Saturday was July 4th, and all over America people were celebrating our Nation's 233rd year of Independence.

I was honored and humbled when I was asked to say a few words at the local celebration in Green Hill, NC. I had the privilege and honor share the stage with the local organizers (I love my community, some of the best people in the world are right here!), an active duty marine (just had to shake his hand and tell him thank you), local pastor (I love to hear someone pray aloud, there is something about a sincere prayer that warms my heart), and NC Senator Debbie Clary (they didn't tell me she was going to be there, I was so surprised and a little intimidated to take the stage after her).

Here is the written part of my speech. I added some stuff when I got up there but the following is the basic structure of the speech.

Good Afternoon, and welcome. Thank you Debbie for asking me. I am both honored and humbled by the invitation to speak to you all here today.

President Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

Isn't this what each person who dons a uniform in the service of our country does each day? They fight for, they protect, and they hand over freedom like a right of passage for each new generation?

To a veteran and/or active duty military personal the words: Freedom, duty, honor, patriotism, country, United States Constitution, The Star Spangled Banner, are not mere words, they are a call to action, one they answered without question. No one ever wants to be part of a War or Conflict, but they go willingly if called. (Yes, I know not all who served in our military went so willingly, but as it is today, right now, as I stand here before you, we are a country who's military is an all volunteer force. They go willingly!)

What is a veteran/active duty soldier? The best definition I have heard is "A veteran is someone who, at one point in his (or her) life wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America' for an amount of up to and including their life." The Author to this quote is unknown, but the words speak volumes.

However, let's not forget those who support our country in other ways. Hard working, tax payers who exercise their right to vote and expect for that vote to be heard and to count. If you don't exercise that right don't complain. Do something get involved and become part of the process. What would have happened back on July 4th, 1776 if our forefathers did not have the courage, both physical and moral, to set into motion the most ground breaking event in American history and arguably that of the world - The Declaration of Independence.

It is those who have gone before that have given us what we have today. Take the time to remember the sacrifices of those who have poured their blood, sweat, tears, and when necessary their lives for the freedom and Independence we enjoy today.

President John F. Kennedy in his 1961 inaugural address, probably said it best, when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country" Think for just a moment, what have you done for this great land of ours? What can you do? Where can you get involved? Where can your voice be heard? Encourage each other in times of celebration, sorrow and yes, even in times of disagreement, know we are "one nation, under God" and each person is connected if only by the common bond of our humanity.

In closing, I want to take a moment to thank all the veterans who are here today, those who are away from home in the service of our country be it on US or foreign soil, thank you! Also many thanks to all you who support your military family members, friends and neighbors, and most of all to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life, in defense of the Freedoms so many take for granted today. Next time you walk in your church, synagogue, temple, or other place of worship, clean your guns, voice an opinion that differs from that of your elected officials, or work in the industry you choose, remember that you are free to do these things and more. I encourage you to take a moment and read the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and to strive to understand and exercise all those rights and freedoms.

Happy 4th of July, and God Bless and Keep America and all those who call her home!
I am so glad to be back home, in a community where people are "just good people". I love it! I wish I could take the spirit of community we have in Shingle Hollow, Gilkey, Green Hill, and the Union Mills areas of Rutherford County, NC and bottle it. It is a feeling, spirit, since of belonging you just don't find everywhere. I hope everyone has someplace like this they can be part of. Whether it is an organization, or a physical location on a map, the people and the personalities are what make it all worthwhile. I'm a little bias because these are the areas I grew up in. (the rest of the county and state are great too, but I like my area of the world.)

I hope you enjoyed reading, more soon...:-)!