Sunday, May 17, 2009

Misc Stuff - LUG'S, LoCo's Podcasts and more...

Part 44 - The Ubuntu Chronicles: Amber's Adventures in the Community

Misc Stuff....

I went to my very first LUG (Linux User Group) meeting last week (May 14th). I enjoyed meeting new people, and understanding that there is a common current that drives the group's forward momentum - an interest in Linux in some form or fashion! For more info on the TriLUG in the NC click here. There is information on the past meetings, upcoming meetings and much much more. Check it out!

SPEAKING OF MEETINGS: The Ubuntu NC LoCo team has a meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 7pm in #ubuntu-us-nc on FreeNode - hope to see you there.

Thanks to my Twitter friends - I am discovering podcasts. I found out that there is an Ubuntu, and FLOSS weekly podcasts. I spent Sunday and earlier this morning catching up and seeing what other podcasts might interest me. (there is more than I thought out there I think my search needs to narrow a bit)

I heard about ubuntuone in the NC LoCo (#ubuntu-us-nc) channel about a week ago (Thanks Ken VanDine!) . I went and clicked on the request an invite button. Once again, I didn't understand how the invitation system works and after a couple of days I went to the LoCo and Ubuntuone Channels and asked how long does it take to get the invite back. I then went to Ubuntuone to ask, and james_w told me he thought that if someone shared a file with you could set it up. So James shared a file and I went to work setting up Ubuntuone. Thanks to James and his suggestion I now have an account. I hope it's working right. I have no clue if that is the way it is supposed to work or not but... - Woo Hoo - Thanks James.

I didn't want to move all my files to Ubuntuone I only wanted to place a copy there. Why does it move the files not copy them. I was told that it was because it was a local file I was putting them into. Hmmm local (my computer, right?) then I asked, well does that mean it is taking up twice the space on my computer? no one answered. I also thought the goal was to put them on a "cloud" somewhere? So I am still as confused as when I started. However, I want to learn more and figure this out. So I am taking a deep breath and trying this again later.

OK so I am an icon junkie - why I don't know I just like them. I must say the icon for Ubuntuone is cool. It's the Ubuntu Logo spinning between two clouds. I hate to admit it, but that icon alone has me wanting to know more about it. (some days I am so sighs)

I have so many more things I am just excited about... UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) is coming up next week and I have been told there are open sessions so I'm going on a hunt to see what I can find and see what sessions interest me. :-D

I really thought I would strongly dislike the whole IRC thing, but I find for the most part, I am learning a great deal more by just asking questions. I am still a little gun shy about just asking my questions. I am afraid they won't be worded right or something. However, I won't learn anything new if I don't say anything. - So just ask - I have found, for the most part, that if someone doesn't understand the question, then they ask me some more questions so they can understand my need in asking and help come up with a solution or at least point me in the right direction. :-D

Have a supersplendifferious day!