Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu (this part includes Fedora)

Part 19

OK I have decided to also give openSUSE try....even as I write this I am wondering what is that like? I have had more requests to try it; so I will.

Last night, I was looking for a way to shut down my Fedora box (Note: Ubuntu has a button), and accidental clicked "other" under my name and locked the machine hard. Black Screen, locked mouse, no cursor. So in my frustration I had to just turn the machine off, and haven't turned it back on yet. I'll do that tonight and see how it goes.

I downloaded Jaunty Alpha 5 to USB and am now running it instead of Intrepid 8.10. So far so good. Haven't broke anything yet. I even had to go out on the Internet and get the Pidgin Plug-in for facebook Chat as it was not in the add/remove list and managed to install it easily.

I had to install the Adobe Flash as well, and neither one of these installs required me open a terminal window. Took less than 5 minutes to install and update both of them. (note ease of insatllation on Ubuntu)

Also on the cool factor list: I was contacted by Rikki Kite, Associate Publisher, of Linux Pro Magazine who came across The Ubuntu Chronicles:... and plans on writing about them in her Blog which discusses women in Open Source . I can't wait to read her postings.

I think the more I am getting involved in and reading blogs like Rikki's, and Planet Ubuntu Women the more I am learning that women don't have to be the minority in this community. There are more events each year to involve women in the Open Source process. You don't have to know how to "patch a kernel" or even write code. There are an endless number of possibilities to help the cause of involving women in the Open Source Community and growing the number of users and contributors overall in the forward motion of the world that is the open source community.