Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 14

I have been away for a couple of days....
(had a death in the family, and had to do the mom/family thing)

There hasn't been a ton of things to talk about...I've just been using my computer and not having issues.

A new class starts on Sunday, so I am excited to see if everything still works, I have to watch some video clips for this class. Let's see if I have everything set to do that when the time comes:) I'll let you know.

I had to go to our place in the mountains, and the only trouble I had was trying to remember how pgraner set up the wireless router. After adding several networks and they didn't work; I finally remembered. Again, pgraner usually just tells me what to do or has the computer pre-configured. Not this time. I had to figure it out. Still don't know a hex key form a Wep 40/128 bit -Key but I figured out what worked, and that's what matters to me.:)

I did ask in #ubuntu-women how do I delete the networks I don't want - Found out if I use my right mouse button on the wireless thing, on my panel or bar across the top of my screen, there is an option for editing connections...DUH..:( I felt silly (if I'd only played with it a little more, before I asked the question). Then I just deleted the ones I didn't want.

I have to say everyone is so helpful.

I am going to attended my very first every IRC meeting tomorrow, might not even say a word but I am going to attend and at least introduce myself, or just say yes I'm here what ever is the right format. Still reading all the protocol.
/me wonders does Roberts rules apply in IRC meetings? Just wondering. I think it's a little less formal. I still think it is cool. I'm excited regardless.

Anyway...more tomorrow I hope....:) Hope your weekend is sunny and warm, we are cold and rainy in the hills of NC....