Saturday, February 9, 2008

Down today up tomorrrow....

It's Saturday! I am so tired today. That's kinda the way it is when you're Bipolar. I was so up on Wednesday and Thursday, now here is Saturday and I am down. I think the there are two meds that I am taking that are a little strong. The Requip and the Remeron are making me very tired. I am sure it will get figured out. Just have to work through it.

On a good note I am almost completely caffeine free. Less that 1/2 can a day. I am so glad about that.

Well it is Lent and I have been know to watch those court shows during the day, so I am giving up watching TV during the day and pray more , and as a family we are going to make Rosaries and prayer bracelets. I am not sure what Peter and the kids are giving up for Lent but I suspect the kids it will be candy and sweets.

Anyway I don't feel like writing much today. I wanted to go to Mass at 6pm but I've mised that window so we will just go on Sunday.

I had a great conversation with my friends Karin yesterday. I miss my friends, from VA and MA. I am trying to make more here and become involved in the community. It is a little more difficult here though. Why? I am not sure.

My cousin had to go and have some tests run and I got to go along, I felt very privileged to be included. You know there are blessings everywhere, and I am Blessed.