Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas time's a comin'...

I can't believe Christmas is TUESDAY!!!! I am excited but where oh where has the time gone. My Christmas Newsletter will arrive in time for The Three Kings...Epiphany, but with moving and everything I will do well just to get the boxes unpacked. Plus I like the idea of the gifts on Epiphany. I am sure my children would like theirs on Christmas Day though. :) So I apologize now for any late Christmas gifts. My Cards are going out tomorrow I hope they will at least arrive in time for Christmas.

I am excited as my Sister will be arriving with 2 of nieces today. We live close enough for them to make it a day trip to our house now.

My washer and dryer is scheduled to be delivered today. Sometime between 1 and 3 so does that really mean 5pm??? We shall see. I am excited I can do laundry at home and not a laundry mat now. YEAH!!!

Fr. Taggart from St. Patrick's in Lowell sent me pictures of the snow in Lowell from last week, WOW!! I love Snow, I wish I could have at least been there to see it. But I am grateful for the picture update, and Sr. Delores for St. Patrick's School told me that the parking lot was like a skating rink, that as soon as they got it plowed it was time to do it again, the weather has been so cold that it isn't melting. Rebecca thought is was funny that people were saying how cold 45 degrees was, I guess it's all perspective.

I am glad that I will get to spend the Holiday's with family and friends.

Oh the kids are in school today, these are the largest schools they have ever attended, Rebecca's school has over 1200 students and they want to ride the buses home, they haven't been on a bus since Rebecca was in Kindergarten. I think I am more nervous than they are. They grow up so fast. I guess we have to help them and not try to keep the small forever. May God Be with us and Guide us as we try to make them successful. Someone asked me to define that and I said when they make it Heaven then I will have done my job.

And so goes my day.....

God Bless you all....Keep me in your prayers...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just another Monday

Worked on the upstairs bedroom/office. Worked on the newsletter, arranged the chair and the hope chest in the master bedroom, fixed some lunch and dinner and put away all 15 loads of laundry that was done at the laundry mat. (UGH)

Sent out some emails, made some phone calls, filled out the paperwork to get the kids enrolled in school now we are going to get ready for bed and head to the schools tomorrow.

Hopefully, we'll get through the enrollment process tomorrow and I'll get my newsletter done and out tomorrow.

More tomorrow....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

OK, So it's been a while.....

Sorry that is has been sooooo long since I last wrote, we have been to Europe and back and now we just moved back to NC. Fuquay-Varina to be exact.

We had over 150 boxes to unpack and have gone through most of them. The living room, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen are functioning. We have a bonus room that is the extra bedroom/office/bonus room, and let's just say it needs tons of help at the moment.

I had to drive to Fayetteville to get certified copies of the kids birth certificates so Monday I can register them for school. The will go to public school for the remainder of the school year the n we will see about next year.

I miss all my friends in Lowell, and at St. Patrick's, and I miss everyone back home in Shingle Hollow, but at least I am a little closer to the NC bunch.

As soon as I find the box with the we've move cards and Christmas Cards I'll send them. I'll also try to get a new newsletter out this week. Busy Busy Busy.

We went to our new Church this morning, there is over 600 people at each Mass and there is 6 Masses on Sunday. Whew! It was really nice, we registered and got that process going. Meet the Pastor who is very nice and funny, and an ex-Navy guy. Our New Church is St. Bernadette in Fuquay-Varina.

More later. Please Keep us in your prayers as you will remain in ours.....