Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's a Start!

Ok so I guess you have to start somewhere? Right? Peter has his own Blog and I wanted my own, not that I think I have anything important to say, but....

SO, if you have read Peter's Blog then you know the Saga in our new apartment. They finally fixed out dryer and I've only been waiting since Feb. Now they are working on the Microwave and the dishwasher. We'll see how long that will take.

The movers who moved us when the other apt. flooded, finally brought back the table they broke. It is fixed and looks like it did before it was broken. So this is a good thing.

I mailed all 100+ May newsletters today as I wanted to get them in the mail 1) before the price of stamps went up and 2) before Mother's Day. Whew got that done.

Now I am working on the finally newsletter for my CCD class, and getting those final things done as we only have 2 more classes.
Working on the Registration Letters to go to all the parents for next years CCD classes (which has to be done before Saturday). Getting booklets made for the mini retreat for the 1st Communion kids which is in 2 weeks. Also getting the readings translated to English and printed so the children who are going to be reading during the Mass for 1st Communion can practice (also has to be done by Saturday). Still trying to get all the certificates from the Easter Vigil and the Following Saturdays Baptisms, 1st Communion's and Confirmations complete, so that I can do the 1st Communion classes certificates and get them in the Registration books at Church. Not to mention updating all the attendance sheets and the certificates of appreciation of the teachers. WHEW! when I write it all out. There is a lot on my plate.

Plus all the daily wife and mother stuff. Rebecca has meetings every other week at the convent with the Srs. at the church. But I forgot to put it on my calendar and I forgot one week and had a headache the other. UGH!!!

I am taking some classes called Neo Catechism (spelling I have to check on). It is teaching the way to conversion of the 1st century church. The way the apostles would have taught it. Great stuff! I love it. "To love one another as I have love you" very powerful. There is so much more, but space and time won't allow me to put the whole class here. However, if you ever get a chance to attend these....GO!

I get caught up on the history of the apt, and what's been happening to this point you have to read Peter's Blog found at