Friday, May 25, 2007


OK its Friday morning and I am going to sound like a broken record... where did Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday go? I turn around and life just happens and "poof" the days are gone.

Well I know where they went...I participated in the evaporation and quite willing I might add. Let's see Monday...helping out at the rectory and my neo catechism meeting (Rebecca goes with me, Tuesday at the rectory and a meeting about organizing the Altar Servers, Wednesday at the rectory and Rebecca had rehearsals for 1st Communion she along with 3 other girls are singing, Thursday at the rectory and neo catechism meeting, (why you might ask at the rectory so much, Saturday is 1st Communion and their is much to be done).

Final, got all the certificates done and Father Taggart signed them, over 50 in all, some were from the Easter Vigil I was waiting on some missing information, some were from the celebration on the 15th of April and the rest were 1st Communion for this Saturday.
(Now I need to do the Confirmation ones for June 2nd but I have a few days..:)..)

Even as I type this my printer is busy printing the pages for the booklet...Its done...WHEW! However, I really enjoy doing those things. This is just a crazy week.

Peter booked out trip to Europe and it will include a layover for a couple of days in London. YEAH! We weren't going to do that but now it turns out we are going to get to see London after all. Then it will be onto Prague.

Well, I just looked at the time and it is almost 7:30am and I am still in my PJ's and the cleaning lady will be here in about 20 mins and if she see's the mess I have created at the dining room table with all my papers I am afraid she will leave the apt. screaming "I'm never coming back."

I'll post more later today..... Great Day to everyone.....:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday Again!

What a busy weekend!

Saturday was the last CCD (OK Religious Education) class for the 07 year. The 1st Communion Children had their Mini retreat and Rebecca had to practice singing for 1st Communion next weekend along with serving at the 4pm Mass on Saturday. We all went to Mass as a Family.

Fr. Taggart celebrated the Mass and like I suspected his Homily was on praying for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts like never before giving us the strength and courage and wisdom needed to go out and be good and faithful servants in the world. I always enjoying being in church. The name over the door doesn't matter to me as much as the name on my heart does. And if my relationship with Christ is right, then everything else will work out the way God has in mind. I keep thinking "Love one another as I have loved you" WOW. to do that boy do I need the Holy Spirit and all the gifts it brings. Keep praying for me. See I'm human and I fail, but I get up and I ask forgiveness and I try not to make those mistakes again. (but I am human)

Anyway Sunday I wanted to go to Mass again, but I guess I was exhausted as I slept til 10am, the whole house did (including the dog). I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up. We all got ready and ran into Salem. Peter dropped me off at a store called the Christmas Tree Shop and Rebecca and I did some shopping there. (Teachers gifts, some baskets and such) Peter and Matt ran to the Apple store to pick up something Peter needed for work and from there it was on to the butcher shop. Then we cam home.

I worked on certificates for 1st communion, and confirmation, and updated the attendance files for Religious Education Class. I had to design the certificates using a Program called pages and with my new printer they turned out awesome! Plus trying to finish up the teachers certificates. Ran out of some supplies and staples was closed. Now why would they close when I need stuff.

While I was organizing all of that Peter and the kids were getting the house in order for the cleaning lady and cooking steaks for dinner. The kids really enjoy cooking and I am happy to let the three of them cook. Peter is a GREAT cook and he loves his grill.

So this morning the cleaning lady came and Peter worked from home while I ran the kids to school. Then it was off to the post office to mail my CCD kids their gifts for having a great year, then I stopped by for 10 mins of fake sun (ok my doctor is going to kill me, but I needed to feel some sunlight on my face, its to gloomy here), then I went to the cleaners, then to Staples to pick up the stuff I needed last night, then I stopped and got a fill in for my nails and decided to get a French Manicure.

Now I am home and Peter is finishing his calls and we are going to get some lunch before I drop him off at work. Then I need to run to the grocery store to get the stuff I need to make for my meeting tonight. Then its off to the rectory to pick up a book to drop of to some friends from church and pick up the kids and head home and make everything for the 7:30pm meeting at Church. (Lamb Stew, homemade bread, and a salad)

WHEW!! how's that for a busy day.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today was the last Religious Education Class for this year (2007). WHEW! Next weekend is 1st Communion for the Children who are receiving, and June 2 is Confirmation. So there is still much to be done. I have to finish the certificates, print the booklets after I make a few correction, and finish up a few odds and ends here and there.

I have managed to take over the dinning room table with all my "TO DO" stuff. I really need to clean it up and put everything in its place: problem I am not sure where to put it all. AHHHHH....I'll figure it out though.

Last night I was so tired I think I went to bed before 8pm. I didn't realize I had gotten so tired, so I guess I needed the sleep.

It is STILL raining and cold and it is supposed to be that way all the way through Sunday.

I went to the Orthodontist on Friday and all the gaps are closed now the are just trying to open my lower bit. and it really HURTS! After I get finished with orthodontist then the dentist will make me a splint to help with my TMJ. if that doesn't fix it they will send me over to the Hospital too have my jaw looked at by the only specialist in the area. So I am hoping that between the braces and splints that it will improve, without the surgery.

Anyway, we have to leave in about an hour as Rebecca is serving at the 4pm Mass....

More later...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A new printer!

Peter got me this great Color Laser Printer. We got it set you last night and it's AWESOME. Now my newsletter and such will look so much better.

We were supposed to have Dinner with a family member who was in Boston from Raleigh last night, but the sudden Thunderstorms and the Flooding and Hail sorta' put a damper on that. I was so excited that someone from "home" (any one from NC or that is in family fits into that Category) was up here. I was disappointed that we couldn't get together....BUMMER

Today I finished up the draft of the 1st Communion Booklets. Now everyone just has to proof them and Sign off and they will be finished. Now I am moving on the the certificates and entering the names in the book at church. Long process. I am still working on the April 15, 2007 certificates, but we'll manage.

Today was Ascension Thursday. And Fr. Taggart gave a wonderful Homily as always. He re emphasised that we should all be praying as the apostles did for the Holy Spirit to come upon us to give us the gifts we need to go out and spread the Good News, that Christ has given us. That He was crucified, died, buried, rose again, and ascended into Heaven, for our sake. That He came to save us, and then sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. Fr. Taggart reminded us that we aren't using all the gifts (to the fullest) that God has sent for us and how we need to pray more fervently for those gifts. I am sure on Pentecost Sunday he will expound more on the topic.

Now I am home and I have to straighten the house before the cleaning lady comes tomorrow. She told me she cleans she doesn't straighten.....stress me out. oh well.

Well gotta run....My class newsletter is finished. Now onto Junes....:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday....where did Monday go?

So I just now realized that through all the laundry, and the vacuuming, and the volunteering, and school projects (for the kids), and playing taxi to Peter, Rebecca and Matthew, that it is now Wednesday.

Monday, dropped Peter off at work and the kids off at school, then it was on to the dry cleaners, then the grocery store, then the bank...I am sure there were a few more things, but my mind fails to recall.

After that it was home to do the laundry and straighten up the house. It seemed like I had just gotten that done when it was time to go and pick everyone back up and bring them home.

I had a Neo-Catechism at Church meeting Monday night @ 7:30pm, but before heading there I had to stop and pick up some snacks. So I got home around 10pm after helping straighten up after the meeting.

Tuesday, Mom's Taxi service, then home to check on the dog and print our certificates of appreciation for all the Religious Education teachers and to work on the booklets for 1st Communion.

From there I went to the Rectory to continue entering names into the books, and to do the certificate's for the members who received their, Baptism, 1st Holy Communion, and Confirmation on the Easter Vigil and the children who received the same on April 15, 2007. Still working on that. It's a slow process for some reason, but I'm getting through it a little at a time. Plus its fun and I enjoy being at the rectory. (The people are really great).

The I had to pick up everyone and be back to the rectory by 5pm for a meeting then I had to meet Peter at 6:30 because we had dinner plans at 7pm about 20min from the house.

We were late, we got lost, however once we got there the food and the company were wonderful.

Now its Wednesday, and I have to play taxi, go to the rectory, and get some things done around the house. Today is the day all the sheets get laundered. So it is a busy day to say the least.

Matthew has a social on Friday, just signed all the papers and gave him the money for that. Rebecca had hers last month. She is in 5th grade and it was supposed to be a 5th and 6th grade social, but the 6th graders decided that didn't want to come so, it ended up being a 5th grade social. Kids are funny. (Sad, that 6th graders already do that stuff and parents and teachers let them get away with pulling the CLASS card.)

Anyway, more later....its 7:30am and its time to play taxi.....

Oh and I forgot...MY PRINTER IS HERE!!!! Color Laser...I have waited so long to get one. I can't wait to see how it works tonight. I've got a new newsletter for my Religious Education Class that I've been working on almost finished (had Fr. Taggart review it yesterday), so I can print it on the new printer. I am so excited.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day....

Like I said in my other Post....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (to all my friends and family who are mother' you all)

So, Rebecca and I went to 10am Mass (She was serving). Then we came back home and tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory again....70 minute wait...AHHHHHH I'm never going to get my avocado egg rolls. We left the Burlington Mall and came back to Tewksbury and had Lunch at Lonestar Steak House. From there we went on to Salem NH, to the Rockingham Mall there. Peter bought me some new clothes. The Kids gave me a Bible program called QuickVerse for Mac. It has 10 different Bibles, 45 Reference titles, 125 Daily Bible Reading Plans, 2000 photos, Audio Pronunciation...and so much more...I'm so excited. And my color laser printer should be here on Tuesday. Can't wait to do the next newsletter with all the new stuff.

Peter checked out the Mac store. From there we went to Best Buy Peter wanted to look at something there. Then we went to the Meat House, a great meat store. Awesome meats...(we got some steak tips) They also sell these great Sanpellegino drinks (Flavored waters, lime and orange), from Italy. I love these waters.

After all this fun Peter and I decided we were tired and we need to go home. So now we are home. Matthew is playing in his room. Rebecca walked across the street to Mirabella's Bakery (people come from as far away as Boston to get stuff from there) to get something for her sweet tooth. Oh yes...and Speaking of the bakery..the Children also gave me two Chocolate Roses from there. The roses are in the freezer right now, but how long they will stay is any ones guess.

I have to say, between Peter and the Children, my day has been AWESOME and they have really made me feel very SPECIAL. THANKS GUYS! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

more later.....


Ok so I am writing the post on Sunday.... Saturday was so busy...

First I had to drop off some booklets I made fro the 1st Communion Classes to the Sisters at the Church. (before 9am). Got that task out of the way. Then came back to the house. Where the fun began.

The company Peter works for, Redhat, provided the software used to make the Shrek movies. So Redhat and their families here in Westford, MA were invited to see the Shrek 3 movie a week earlier than the public. WAY COOL. Two of the guys who work for Dreamworks and worked on the movie were there and it was such great family time. I love Peter's job! The movie is well worth going to see. Click here to see the Shrek the Third movie trailer.

Then after that we came home and napped for a little while. Ahhh a nap in the afternoon. I forgot how refreshing that can be.

Then we got ready for Church (4pm Mass). Rebecca was serving so we all went as a family to Mass. Very relaxing. Father Jim celebrated the Mass. That was the 1st time I has the opportunity to here him and I enjoyed his homily very much.

Then after that Peter took me out to the mall and to dinner. Rebecca and Matthew stayed with their favorite babysitter for a couple of hours. While we drove into Burlington, Peter had to run to the apple store and I needed to stop by Crane and Company for some more note cards. We were going to have dinner to the Cheesecake Factory (one of my favorite places, avocado egg rolls to die for...yummy) but the wait was 1 hour and 40 minutes for and inside table. So we came back to Tewksbury, checked in on the kids, then went up the street to Kyoto's, a Japanese Steakhouse.

Was a great day! Spent with the family.

Today is Mother's Day, and I called my mom at 6:30am to tell her Happy Mother's Day. She was on vacation all week. I usually talk to her everyday. But had not talked to her all week and I told her I waited as long as I could to call. I sent her gift the week before so She would have it before she left. She was already up and packing as they were leaving their vacation spot in the Mountains on NC heading back home, so they could pick up the grandchildren and head to church themselves. LOVE YOU MOM!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

More later as the day unfolds...gotta run to church now.....

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Friday!

I can't believe it is Friday already...Where has this week gone.

Rebecca and Matthew are out of school today and as soon as they are ready we have to run to the Library to return some overdue books. (they were due Wednesday). Rebecca is having a cow, because she has NEVER had a late fee in her life and just what are the people at the library going to think of her..such drama.

Peter is so sweet! He rearranged my working area so I could be out in the living room with everyone (I'm such a people person), instead of being tucked away in our bedroom working on stuff while everyone else is out here together. Now I can join them. Plus he wanted the space in the bedroom for his desk since I took over the other one. And speaking of sweet, he scheduled me for a massage today at noon. He said I was tense. I guess the headaches were a clue.. And for Mother's Day he ordered me a color laser my newsletter's will look ever better. I'm sooo excited. He is so wonderful. I could brag about him all day. I love him so much.

Matthew and Rebecca are so funny. They are discovering wit. They love to play with words. though it is clever. There are moments when you want to say, "stop". I was explaining to Rebecca how to deal with a girl who was being rude. Rebecca still wanted to play with the girl but not if she was going to be rude. I told Rebecca that she could tell the girl, "I would love to play with you and be your friend, but I can't if you are going to treat me this way." and without missing a beat, Matthew says, "yeah Rebecca, how's that working for you?" Mr. Sarcastic....
Then we were at church and I asked Matthew to please sit still for the millionth time (or so it seemed), and he says, "I'm bored", to which I replied, "if you don't behave I am going to take you outside and explain to you what bored is". Matthew then tells me, as he sits up straight as an arrow, "I understand, but HOW long do I have to understand?" UGH!!!! I tried not to laugh. I had to turn my head. They are so cute and funny.

After much thought, prayer, and discussion we decided to let Rebecca become an Altar Server. she is doing quite well. She serves at the 4pm Mass on Saturdays and the 10am Mass on Sundays. Matthew will start training soon. So they both will be helping during the Mass soon. I am so proud of them both.

Well I need to work on a cover for the mini-retreat booklets for the 1st Communion Children, and get the readings done, before tonight's meeting. And I need to finish my newsletter for my CCD Class before tonight.

I'll post more later....

Later on Friday....Peter grilled out..(He Loves his grill).

While Peter was grilling. Rebecca had one of her friends over, Matt played outside with a group our other friends, and I finished the booklets for the 1st Communion Retreat.

We invited the Priests et al from the church over. Father Taggart came and we enjoyed good company, wide topics of conversation, and great food (Peter is such an awesome cook). We had grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, grilled peppers, onions, squash, potato salad, fresh green salad, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

After a great even we tucked all the Children in (Rebecca's friend spent the night), and retired for the evening.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's a Start!

Ok so I guess you have to start somewhere? Right? Peter has his own Blog and I wanted my own, not that I think I have anything important to say, but....

SO, if you have read Peter's Blog then you know the Saga in our new apartment. They finally fixed out dryer and I've only been waiting since Feb. Now they are working on the Microwave and the dishwasher. We'll see how long that will take.

The movers who moved us when the other apt. flooded, finally brought back the table they broke. It is fixed and looks like it did before it was broken. So this is a good thing.

I mailed all 100+ May newsletters today as I wanted to get them in the mail 1) before the price of stamps went up and 2) before Mother's Day. Whew got that done.

Now I am working on the finally newsletter for my CCD class, and getting those final things done as we only have 2 more classes.
Working on the Registration Letters to go to all the parents for next years CCD classes (which has to be done before Saturday). Getting booklets made for the mini retreat for the 1st Communion kids which is in 2 weeks. Also getting the readings translated to English and printed so the children who are going to be reading during the Mass for 1st Communion can practice (also has to be done by Saturday). Still trying to get all the certificates from the Easter Vigil and the Following Saturdays Baptisms, 1st Communion's and Confirmations complete, so that I can do the 1st Communion classes certificates and get them in the Registration books at Church. Not to mention updating all the attendance sheets and the certificates of appreciation of the teachers. WHEW! when I write it all out. There is a lot on my plate.

Plus all the daily wife and mother stuff. Rebecca has meetings every other week at the convent with the Srs. at the church. But I forgot to put it on my calendar and I forgot one week and had a headache the other. UGH!!!

I am taking some classes called Neo Catechism (spelling I have to check on). It is teaching the way to conversion of the 1st century church. The way the apostles would have taught it. Great stuff! I love it. "To love one another as I have love you" very powerful. There is so much more, but space and time won't allow me to put the whole class here. However, if you ever get a chance to attend these....GO!

I get caught up on the history of the apt, and what's been happening to this point you have to read Peter's Blog found at